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The Back Story to
Dr Rahele and Dr Vernon

Rahele and Vernon met in 1998 in the UK at the tender age of 17 and 18. Rahele was originally from Tehran in Iran and Vernon was from Newport in Wales. They met in Cardiff in the UK to study Dental Technology. Given the fortunate opportunity to train as dental technicians this gained them their first degree. Once complete they continued their dental training in the prestigious Birmingham and Bristol dental schools. After working for 2 years in the UK, another serendipitous opportunity unlocked the next chapter of their life adventure to Australia.

On arriving in Australia in Cairns in 2008, they worked for 10 years as associates and eventually partners with the intention to make a practice of their own one day. In 2016 they were happily married and now in 2019 with much effort and dedication, through many trials and tribulations that day has arrived, and they now are proud to announce the opening of Dental Envy as of the 11th of May 2019.

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Why The Name
Dental Envy?

After working in Cairns for the last 11 years as the lead associate dentists, it was fair to say that there was a significant amount of good will that had been generated. With their books being constantly full for weeks in advance, once it was announced that they were leaving Cairns at the end of June 2018, patients would sadly comment who is going to look after my teeth now? Who else can we trust? We will miss you! Whichever patients you treat, wherever you go will be very lucky! We wish we were coming with you.

On arriving in Maroochydore Rahele and Vernon could see why so many people had complemented the Sunshine Coast on the way down as they drove the 1600 kilometers by car form Cairns. As they discovered the beautiful beaches, the great waves to surf, the sunny weather, this made the relocating adventure even more exciting. With the news of the new CBD developing and the new international airport coming soon, they realized that they had discovered an amazing location to start their new practice from.

On finding a commercial premise to call their own in the perfect spot by the beach they decided to work with local companies, to create their dream practice from the empty shell that was Shop 5. They engaged with reputable and renowned companies bringing together a culmination of trades and experience who they are very thankful for to get them where they are today. Their practice has been equipped with the highest quality dental materials and equipment that would satisfy the needs of any general dental practitioner and dental staff to only provide the best of care for their patients.

Current Activity

Rahele and Vernon are extremely proud to announce their baby boy Leon was born on the 6th of April, just in time to see the practice finished before the grand opening. They had found the challenge of not only bringing the practice to life but also becoming parents is life changing and is something that cannot be fully described but needs to be experienced to appreciate its true value.

So, the family of three now embarks on this new adventure in life, making it happen the only way they know, with honesty and hard work and great customer service. The doors will open and Rahele and Vernon welcome all patients from the young to the old, from the healthy to the neglected, the brave and the anxious. They truly believe that they can help everyone in some way, and as you will come to see they are both more than just dentists. They are caring, compassionate family people that have created an atmosphere of excellence to provide the best possible care for you and your family.


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 (07) 5345-5714

Shop 5 , Key Largo 6 Aerodrome Road,
Maroochydore QLD 4558.

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